Thursday, January 01, 2009

NEW list...

So having gone over the lists I had done previously, I think its time for an entirely new list. Regardless of the fact that I have accomplished a bunch of the things on the previous lists, I think thats cheating since so much time has lapsed.

So. Here we go.

And my end date, Sept 29, 2011. :)

1. Take my boards
2. Pass my boards
3. Quickly handle the transferrance of my licensure to PA from NY
4. Have a long weekend in Feb to celebrate!
5. Visit California
6. Talk less, listen more
7. Visit Texas
8. Take dance classes
9. Own a kayak and use it
10. Hike all of Nay Aug park
11. Learn to rock climb
12. Take boxing classes
13. Learn to ski/snowboard
14. Learn sign language
15. Play my guitar
16. Paint
17. Get a puppy
18. Learn to refinish furniture and do so with the bookshelf
19. Get rid of un-listened to CDs, un-watched movies, un-read books (donate to library)
20. See Rent on stage (preferrably with Leo in the cast)
21. Stop procrastinating
22. Finish the unpacking, sorting, and discarding of extraneous 'stuff' (after boards, so not til Feb 09)
23. Read one new book a month
24. See Sarah Mc, BNL, and Rascal Flatts in concert
25. See Jeff Dunham live

26. Lose another 5-10 lbs and maintain it.
27. Payments made on time, monthly for the duration.
28. Use my cookbooks and make a new recipe monthly
29. Get the car registered, insured, etc in PA
30. Participate in Bookcrossing (0/5)
31. Participate in Postcrossing (0/5)
32. Participate in 26 Things
33. Work on scrapbooking
34. Look into massage therapy schools
35. Donate to TWLOHA and spread the word
36. Participate in the 3-day Breast Cancer Walk in DC
37. Walk every day, despite the weather (pre-doggie)
38. Go to a day spa with mom for massages, pedicures, and manicures
39. Increase savings, 6 month cushion
40. Increase amount going into 401k by 2010
41. See the Monty Python Show on Broadway
42. Finally watch The Office
43. Get a birdfeeder, and feed the little ones
44. Apply to a massage therapy school
45. Knit more than scarves-find a knitting group to learn from
46. See 'Into the Wild' movie
47. Find at least 5 new bloggers to follow (0/5)
48. Hike a PA state park, a NY state park, a CA state park, and a TX state park (0/4)
49. Fall in love
50. Be more responsible about the car- repairs, oil changes, etc

51. Use iTunes and my iPod
52. Learn to play poker
53. Play poker with residents (s)
54. Progressively cut back on sweets
55. Take yoga classes
56. Find new musicians (groups/artists) that I love (0/10)
57. See local music
58. If travelling, go out and find some local music
59. Forgive myself for mistakes
60. Learn to relax
61. Redux in anxiety about things out of my control
62. Learn about eating meat after 17 years of not
63. Buyblue
64. Sew little cutesy-nesses
65. Find a new church down here, attend semi-regularly
66. See Mary Poppins on stage
67. Spend more time with the grandparents
68. Keep in touch with family better
69. Attend Ryan and MaryAnne's wedding
70. Emmulate Zanna in my care of residents
71. Road trip along the East Coast
72. Watch at least one movie a week I've never seen before
73. Enjoy an entire blue hour
74. Learn at least 3 funny jokes (0/3)
75. Become better at telling stories

76. Attend a MLB game
77. Surprise visit someone
78. Learn about activities in the area and attend monthly (0/33)
79. Be happy
80. Live love, walk in love, treat others with love, be love
81. Mail a secret to Postsecret
82. Frame more pictures
83. Take more photos
84. Start donating blood again
85. Move (so I can get a puppy)
86. Donate to Hopeline
87. Visit Canada
88. Teeth cleanings twice a year
89. Send flowers
90. Go for massages every 6 months
91. Discover how to protect myself in terms of trust and guarding my heart
92. Figure out how to get limewire downloads into my iTunes
93. Find what inspires me, moves me, makes me happy- make an effort to do those every day
94. Keep the house 'visitor ready' which means I have less clutter all the time. I hope.
95. Let my friends and family know I appreciate them, often
96. Send Bubs' mama mail while he's away in Albany
97. Create video-blogness
98. Visit cousins in Florida
99. Get a new car
100. Live by the thought that I expect to pass through this world once, and should do every kindness I can
101. Make a new list and post it at the conclusion of this one

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