Wednesday, February 18, 2009

#3- Quickly handle the transference... Part 2

I have, officially, 2 license numbers now.

We had a 'rehab' retreat today, and FINALLY PA posted my license number. So I now, YAY!, have my license in both states and am able to practice here in PA.

I can't tell you the relief I'm feeling. I am still feeling like I may not be enough, or good enough or do well enough to actually treat, at the same time I'm thrilled(!!!) because I have proven to my school, CI's, and both states as well as the Federal Boards that I am good enough.

And so tomorrow I will finally have my own case load and my own residents. And I have help but the whole thing-paperwork included- will be mine.



Sunday, February 15, 2009

#3- Quickly handle the transference...

So I have done all my paperwork. Took my test, passed, done all I can to ensure that PA has all my papers from school, from the boards, from me. NY is the last link. I am waiting. Ever impatient, for my PA license to show up. And presumably, they are waiting for NY. I had to request a letter of good standing and did so. Albany had it by Tuesday at 1030 am. I know because I overnighted and thats how I am. Nothing left to be done.

And while I am terribly impatient to start treating, I am fearful of it. Having people's health and well being in my hands is a big responsibility. Its also a big joy and a vote of confidence that together we can get these people back to their homes. But it is a little scary to take care of people and hope that I am able to help. Despite having graduated, completed 3 clinicals, and been hired, I still worry I'm not enough.

I know where that fear comes from. And I'm learning to battle that down and know I am enough and I can help and so on and so forth. But it is a responsibility I worry over.

Less than I have before, but still...