Sunday, March 15, 2009

#42- Finally watch The Office

So was puttering around Target last week and saw The Office season 1 for about $15. So I thought, I'm probably the only American who hasn't seen any of it, and certainly the only Scrantonian who hasn't seen it, so why not.

And what in the hell is wrong with me??? Why did it take me so long? I love Steve Carrell, so obviously I would love this, and I do :)

Season 2 bought THE FOLLOWING DAY and begun.


Hilarity, I love thou.

#23 Read one new book a month

Firefly Lane - Feb 09
Story of 2 girls growing up through the 70s and chronicals their lives through the 2000's. I'm in 2002 with them now, good story. Makes me miss my cousin and the friendship we had as young girls...

Three Cups of Tea - Mar 09
The true story of Greg Mortenson's failed climb up K2 and successful journey as he works to battle terrorism on its most basic level, by providing education to children in the hills of Pakistan. Excellent read, true story, and amazing organization.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

And while we're at it, #56- Find new musicians I love....

This bit of serendipity occurred while I was ... well blog-stalking other people that are linked from the two newfound loves over there <--- He was linked to from this blogger, Prudence, (who I haven't read through enough to know if I'm nuts about her too in addition to the previously mentioned Terroni and Kelsi), and listening, I immeadiately liked him.

And probably many people have already heard him, many are already fans and are hyped for his concerts and hoard his music the way I do with Sarah Mc. But really, I hadn't heard him before, though his song 'You are the Best Thing' sounds incredibly familiar. In my crazy *moving/studying/Christmas/studying/exam/transferring license/starting work* life of late, I don't recall. Which brings me round to a whole other thing, living with intent. Which is another post entirely that goes somewhere else.

Ray LaMontagne. Am truly about to buy tickets online having only heard 4 songs within the last half hour of this guy. He's gonna be in Phila on April 4. Who's in? Bubbsy coming to visit in April sometime, I might convince him...

Go listen to him. You will not regret it.

(his myspace is here, 4 songs, hear him.)

#47- Find 5 new bloggers to follow -uno and dos!

So I have been puttering around online. And I am certain that there are MANY people who write and think in ways that I am inspired, delighted, intrigued by. I am sure the great big universe would provide musings by others that I would enjoy, but in my search, I have found a few I like, but two who thus far has captured my interest enough to include in this list.

I don't know either of these people, but I like how they write, I like what they have to say, I like what I've seen. This isn't by any means some tremendous compliment in the grand scheme of life. It is simply a compliment by me. I think they are worth getting to know. I'd like to think they thought that of me, but if not, thats ok too. I'm happy to just read and be inspired.



This Could Take A While (Kelsi)