Thursday, April 30, 2009

#85 & #17- all in one!

So #85 is Move (so I can get a puppy) and #17 is Get a puppy. It would appear as though all of that is occurring at about the same time... D and I have found a place, and currently all of his things are there. This is the place from the outside, and then a few shots from inside... Its a good size, hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms, washer and dryer hookups in the basement (which D owns both), big kitchen which is wonderful for me since my current kitchen has 6 tiny cabinets for all the stuff I have in there, storage space in the basement, and a garage- because as you have seen, somebody owns motorcycles. :)

And we can get a puppy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

#49- Fall in love

I have to be honest here, I truly put that on this list with the hopes that I *might* find a guy that would be sweet, wonderful, honest, kind, thoughtful, gentle, a little wild, funny, fun, understanding, who loves his family, is loyal to his friends, who adores dogs, is good with his hands, enjoys life, and wants a cabin in the woods near a lake kind of guy.

I didn't think I would find him. I don't think I thought he existed.

And I didn't think I would fall in love so fast.
#49 isn't just one to 'cross off the list' or however it may be coming across. No. This is real. This is what I always wanted. And this man, he is who I love. And I put it on this list because I wanted to be in love, I wanted to find someone special. But I didn't think I would ever find someone... because I am difficult and fussy and emotional and so on and so forth.
But he loves me anyway.
And he waited for me.
He is special.
And I am in love.