Saturday, March 07, 2009

And while we're at it, #56- Find new musicians I love....

This bit of serendipity occurred while I was ... well blog-stalking other people that are linked from the two newfound loves over there <--- He was linked to from this blogger, Prudence, (who I haven't read through enough to know if I'm nuts about her too in addition to the previously mentioned Terroni and Kelsi), and listening, I immeadiately liked him.

And probably many people have already heard him, many are already fans and are hyped for his concerts and hoard his music the way I do with Sarah Mc. But really, I hadn't heard him before, though his song 'You are the Best Thing' sounds incredibly familiar. In my crazy *moving/studying/Christmas/studying/exam/transferring license/starting work* life of late, I don't recall. Which brings me round to a whole other thing, living with intent. Which is another post entirely that goes somewhere else.

Ray LaMontagne. Am truly about to buy tickets online having only heard 4 songs within the last half hour of this guy. He's gonna be in Phila on April 4. Who's in? Bubbsy coming to visit in April sometime, I might convince him...

Go listen to him. You will not regret it.

(his myspace is here, 4 songs, hear him.)

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