Saturday, March 07, 2009

#47- Find 5 new bloggers to follow -uno and dos!

So I have been puttering around online. And I am certain that there are MANY people who write and think in ways that I am inspired, delighted, intrigued by. I am sure the great big universe would provide musings by others that I would enjoy, but in my search, I have found a few I like, but two who thus far has captured my interest enough to include in this list.

I don't know either of these people, but I like how they write, I like what they have to say, I like what I've seen. This isn't by any means some tremendous compliment in the grand scheme of life. It is simply a compliment by me. I think they are worth getting to know. I'd like to think they thought that of me, but if not, thats ok too. I'm happy to just read and be inspired.



This Could Take A While (Kelsi)

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